Welcome to the Web Pages of Saint Joseph Parish in the West End and Beacon Hill sections of the great city of Boston. Our parish of Saint Joseph, living and thriving here in the heart of the "Hub" provides so much to our parishioners and those outside of that description, all by the grace and life of God our Father and in the name of His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Our beautiful and reverent celebration of the Mass on Sunday is made more so by the faithful and active participation of all present. Both the daily and Sunday celebration of the Mass provide an oasis of grace and faith for many parishioners and for those who live elsewhere but work in the city of Boston. It is through the Eucharist that we are able to accomplish the other works of service and mercy that so define our Catholic tradition. Each day, through the grace of Christ we try to build this holy place of Saint Joseph into a monument of what it means to be prayerfully and generously worthy of the promises of Christ- all in the middle of a public square often alive with voices calling folks elsewhere. As you navigate through these pages please know that all at Saint Joseph Parish welcome you and pray for you daily.




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